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Few Freelance Writing Tips for Beginners

Freelance writing jobs are available in abundance. While this sounds promising it helps to know a few tips to increase chances of getting hired. As a beginner it helps to know about useful tools and resources writers depend on for jobs and skill development. It means doing your homework to learn what is available based on your needs and interests.


Early planning

As you get an idea of trustworthy sources to help start your career, it gets easier planning early steps to start seeing results. Here are the basics of what writers should know when starting freelancing.

Find Gigs the Match Your Skills

Before jumping in to start your first gig, it helps to understand skills in demand and how you can fulfill those needs. There are freelance writing jobs for beginners and seasoned writers that help build personal skills. It’s great to write content on things you know related to personal interests.

SEO writing

But it’s important to consider jobs that match your abilities. If you have strong SEO skills consider jobs seeking this kind of experience. If you have good experience proofreading, editing, or have a unique way with words, you’ll find plenty of jobs with these abilities in high demand.

Network with Other Freelancers

A great way to find lucrative gigs is to get tips from other writers about professional writing jobs available and where to look for them. Writers who have worked as a freelancer for a while will have a variety of leads and potential sources you may find useful.


They can share their similar stories on how they got started and what helped them the most during their start. While networking with others can give leads, it helps to find a writers group to provide support and other useful advice to keep you motivated as you get your career started.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Anytime you seek jobs available that mention writers wanted is a potential opportunity to grow your expertise. As you get writing gigs make a list of your strengths and most recent experiences as a writer for your portfolio. You can visit websites of other freelancers to get ideas. Your portfolio is what you’ll refer to when applying for jobs.

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Things Are Easier Than You Expect

You can write a few samples to present if you have yet to get your first paid writing gig. In your portfolio you want to show your skill set and areas of writing you specialize in. You can also mention the type of writing you do such as copywriting, blog writing, SEO writing, etc.

Create a plan to help you break into writing as a freelancer. Start by considering sources providing leads to writing gigs that need your skill set and knowledge. Get connected with other freelancers that can share advice on where to find work and other actions to take to prepare for your career. Establish a portfolio to showcase your experience. It may include a website, resume or CV with skills, experience, and writing samples.